6 clues your website needs an upgrade

We’re all for pretty, shiny things, but that shouldn’t be the only reason to upgrade an older website.

Here are 6 clues this is the right time to upgrade your website:

1) Your content is old.

? Forget the outdated design, if your content is from 1998 and you haven’t updated a single thing since it was launched…it’s time.

2) ? People can’t find your website on search engines.

There’s many variables when it comes to websites showing up on search engines. Hire someone who knows the whys and hows about it.

3) No social media links.

If you’re not on social media, sign up for an account or two and then put them on you website. ? This is the easiest and quickest way to expand your market reach.

4)? It’s not mobile-friendly.

If you have to zoom in and out to view the website on mobile devices, or it takes more than a few seconds to load…it’s time.

5) The design is stale.

It’s not just that the graphics are old, it’s the outdated layout we’re worried about. ?Website visitors expect certain features, such as contact forms, click-to-call links, and easy navigation.

6) You’re working on it, but it’s not working for you.

? With the right systems in place, your website can be a dynamic communication hub for you and your customers.