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How to keep your website costs low

1) DIY ?

If you’re comfortable using online design tools, and you have the time, this could be the quickest and least expensive option. Think Squarespace or Wix. This is a good option for startups that don’t have a lot of content yet, small businesses that don’t intend on selling products online, and hobbyists who want to their own branded site. Keep in mind that a website is more than just a pretty design on the Internet, you’ll want create a marketing strategy around it, but more about that in another blog post.

2) ? Hire a professional.

Hiring an expert seems like the costly way to go, but we can tell you from experience that this is not the case. If you need a website with custom features and graphics, not to mention a website that is useful to your business goals, paying someone who knows what they’re doing will save you the time and money you would otherwise spend trying to learn how to do it yourself. The best part is that you will own your website and have complete control. A professional can guide you and work within your budget.

Let’s talk money…

The thing is, making a truly useful,  professional looking website can get costly at first, but it can save you money later. Let’s work out the math for a DIY website, shall we?

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Do I really need a website if I’m already on Facebook?

There’s no excuse good enough to justify not having a website for your business. We get it–having a website means having to pay for the design (or not, maybe you try doing it yourself), the hosting, and the domain–and you are trying to keep your company’s spending low.

The thing is, by putting all your eggs in the Facebook basket, you’re missing out on a whole sea of potential customers searching the web for your particular product or service–outside of Facebook. Social media accounts are great for daily promotions, engaging with your customers, posting live videos, and growing a fan base.

You should definitely keep your social media accounts updated, but here are 8 reasons why it’s important to have an official website:

1) You need an online hub.

? Think of your website as the hub where your current and potential customers can find you online, without having to log in to a third-party application. Think of it this way, your website is your permanent address on the web, your headquarters, your center of operations. Your social media accounts are your sales, service, and marketing force.

2) ? Information is key.

By relying on social media, you’re expecting your customers to scroll through hundreds of posts to find what they’re looking for. A good website layout anticipates your customers’ needs and makes it easy for them  to find what they are looking for, whether it’s a lunch menu, the latest promotion, or a returns policy. A website can be a lot more than just a digital brochure, it can be a strategic tool for growth.

3) Not everyone is on Facebook. ?

Shocking, but true. A lot of people have social media accounts (A LOT), but most of them don’t access their accounts on a regular basis. On top of that, with so many different social media platforms-Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.–how can you ever keep up? Each one has different demographics and uses, and you should take advantage of that when you’re planning your marketing strategy.

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