Do I really need a website if I’m already on Facebook?

There’s no excuse good enough to justify not having a website for your business. We get it–having a website means having to pay for the design (or not, maybe you try doing it yourself), the hosting, and the domain–and you are trying to keep your company’s spending low.

The thing is, by putting all your eggs in the Facebook basket, you’re missing out on a whole sea of potential customers searching the web for your particular product or service–outside of Facebook. Social media accounts are great for daily promotions, engaging with your customers, posting live videos, and growing a fan base.

You should definitely keep your social media accounts updated, but here are 8 reasons why it’s important to have an official website:

1) You need an online hub.

? Think of your website as the hub where your current and potential customers can find you online, without having to log in to a third-party application. Think of it this way, your website is your permanent address on the web, your headquarters, your center of operations. Your social media accounts are your sales, service, and marketing force.

2) ? Information is key.

By relying on social media, you’re expecting your customers to scroll through hundreds of posts to find what they’re looking for. A good website layout anticipates your customers’ needs and makes it easy for them  to find what they are looking for, whether it’s a lunch menu, the latest promotion, or a returns policy. A website can be a lot more than just a digital brochure, it can be a strategic tool for growth.

3) Not everyone is on Facebook. ?

Shocking, but true. A lot of people have social media accounts (A LOT), but most of them don’t access their accounts on a regular basis. On top of that, with so many different social media platforms-Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.–how can you ever keep up? Each one has different demographics and uses, and you should take advantage of that when you’re planning your marketing strategy.

4)? Where did all the likes go?

Unless you’re spending some dollars on social media advertising, your posts are not getting any further than your page. This is in part because of the ever-changing algorithms, but also because users can not mute your posts. We still think you should consider allocating some of you marketing budget on social media ads, but just don’t rely on that to grow your customer base.

5) Credibility, stability, and trust.

Having a stable online presence will lead to customers who trust your brand and will boost your business credibility. ? It shows that you are serious about doing business and are here to stay.  Also, we  just don’t know when Facebook will change their algorithm again, or if one day they will decide not to offer free business pages anymore.

6) Take control of your brand.?

Being the owner of your own website will give you more control over your brand. You get to decide how things will look, feel, and interact. This is not something you get to do with social media and it can really elevate your customers’ perception of your company, services, or products.

7) It’s an investment.

Most business owners view having a website as an expense. That’s understandable.? We’ve been conditioned to see it that way because most business websites are static, brochure-like entities, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Treat your website like the business queen she is and give her some real responsibilities. This is your opportunity to create a unique online identity with custom features and functionality that can turn your business into a profit machine.

8) Love your company again.

? It can get hard when you own a business, especially when it gets busy and you’re struggling to keep up, or when it’s not busy and you’re struggling to get it going. We can lose sight of what made us go into business in the first place. We’re not saying having a website will fix this 100%, but having a beautiful place online where you can send customers can really help return your sense of pride.